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New Born Baby care in mumbai 

Pregnancy care includes three parts prenatal care, throughout pregnancy and postpartum care. Whereas a lot of attention is given to prenatal care, postpartum care is equally necessary. In fact, postpartum is a difficult period and also the new mother needs a lot of care, guidance, and a focus for the correct recovery and good health of each the mother and also the child. Giving birth are often each an emotional and stressful period for a new mother. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the primary twenty-four hours when birth is most crucial for each the baby and also the mother and correct care and a focus should be given to the new mother and also the baby during this period.
We offer a carefully designed program for this. It’s a postpartum care program that takes the work and also the worries away from the new parents. Parenthood is an awesome experience and in today’s world wherever couples are generally forced to live away from their families or don’t have any family support during this important period, they need to require care of the baby on their own. This translates into a great deal of work and stress for the new parents, particularly within the 1st few months that are important for each the baby and also the mother.
Under the special program, we assign a medically trained caregiver to assist the mother with baby care and also offers when delivery care for mother.

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new born baby care in mumbai
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Nanny agency

They additionally specialize in taking special care to the newborn kid and babies between 0-1 years. They primarily look after the newborn and take care of bathing, massage, feeding, washing clothes etc. Since they specialize in kid care, you should not expect them to cook food for the family.


They usually become relevant once your baby is around two years previous. They pay attention of the baby, pay time with them, dress them etc.

Japa Maid

Japa maids are usually very experienced in taking care of newborn babies and mother. Japa maids are very useful for families with no supporting hand or a senior to look after the newborn baby and the mother. Newborn baby and mother need special care, at least for initial 6-8 weeks and japa maids can be a great option.