Elderly Care Services in Mumbai

Hope Care provides high-quality elderly care services in mumbai at home  for your loved one. Many believe that it’s an ethical obligation to seem when our elders, and here at Epoch, we tend to share your views. We tend to believe that it’s our duty to care for our elders responsibly, to treat them with dignity, and to provide them with the best level of care possible. When you select Hope Care, you’re actively selecting to provide your elderly loved ones with the simplest possible standards of care you’ll be able to afford. We provide high levels of 24 x 7 elderly care services in Mumbai, New Mumbai and thane also. We provide basic nursing care and caring for elder people with insanity and alternative medical specialty conditions. Before you select to move in, our services spend time with you to grasp your requirements and truly advise if Hope Care is that the right appropriate you. more info contact us


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What are home care services for Elderly Care?

While it should be onerous to just accept, most people will require some style of care help when the age of seventy-five. you’ll be wont to handling everything yourself, dividing up duties together with your better half, or looking forward to relations for minor facilitate round the home. however as you become old and your circumstances modification, obtaining around and taking care of yourself will become additional and tougher. If the thought of moving to a retirement community, power-assisted living facility, or nursing home doesn’t appeal, home care services are also able to facilitate keep you living in your own residence for longer.

Specializations care:

Nutrition – We take complete responsibility for his or her nutrition needs by making certain the timely intake of medicines and meal

Personal Care – We take a great interest within the hygiene of our elders. We’ll facilitate them with care the most effective we will. Tasks like bathing and dressing are helped with. We have a tendency to additionally provide alternative care support like hair care, foot care etc.

Daily tasks – Daily tasks like cooking and organizing the room will encourage be refreshing if they get apt support. Elderly caretaker provides the foremost amiable atmosphere for them to not simply get through with them, however, enjoy the act.

In-home medical services – A variety of medical services are now out there within the comfort of your home. And you do not need to leave your way to get them organized – simply decision your health manager and he can take it from there.

Customized plans – Every patient or household that we have a tendency to treat gets to customize their plans as per their needs. The fallibleness of plans can assist you to exclude what doesn’t concern you and add specific medical needs and conditions that need attention.

Mobilization support – Every required support for the purpose of mobilization is provided by our nurses. They going to facilitate in moving the elders around and provide support in physical exercise also.

SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT – Most of the elderly experience loneliness and face problem with to deal with increasing age. Because of the conventional ageing method, the elderly lessen active because of health problems and step by step cut back their social interactions. A number of them live alone by themselves with children settled abroad and therefore the the} ones staying with their families also don’t get quality time because the children are very busy with agitated schedules. Loneliness among the geriatric population is one among the silent disorders which will have unpleasant effects. It’s one among the key risk issue discovered in Alzheimer’s disease.

Why choose Hope Care?

Team-based service: Caregivers, home nurses, and seniors supported by an expert team of skilled nurse managers, care coordinators and a growing network of medical support services.

No minimum mounted contract period: you’ll be able to interact with caregivers for any period.

specialized caregivers for specific needs: we have a tendency to take care of elderly patients with insanity, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease, visual/hearing impairment, brain disorder, also as bedridden and patients who use wheelchairs.

No mounted deposits: you simply obtain shifts on those caregivers for you.

knowledgeable service provider: quite 2000 service days of nursing -professional care-giving services provided per month and growing.

Vetted caregivers-home nurses: All caregivers-home nurses endure identity and judicature verification.