Maid Agency

We are a reputed maid agency in Mumbai Maids are full or part-time cleaning professional who is liable for cleaning & maintaining the area in a workplace or private homes. in home maids work under the supervision of a domestic manager. There is no official education for this job place, but some experience may be obligatory, conditional on the employer. Hope care gives you a best services compare then other made agency in mumbai

• Dusting and Polishing – Maid service staffs may be asked to dust tables, windows, countertops, and furniture equipment as part of their duties. They may also be assigned the duty of polishing furniture after it’s brushed.

• Floors – Additional duty of maid service labors is to clean all floors. They also are answerable for mopping these floors after they are brushed, and for polishing them on a regular basis. For flooring with carpeting, vacuum cleaning is an important duty.

• Ovens and Other Equipment – The hygiene of everyday domestic equipment must always be well-maintained, and this is a duty of maid service employee. They clean ovens & cooktops regularly, as well as fridges, microwave oven, toaster, and many other kitchens or household domestic equipment present.

• Bathrooms and Linens – Washing bathrooms is another duty of maid service employee. They are liable for cleaning the toilet, bathroom sink, shower, & bathtub, as well as the flooring in the bathroom.

• Dish-cleaning – Other domestic duties for maid service worker may include wash dishes, or loading & unloading the dishwasher if one is used. They also may empty garbage bucket & transport trash and wastage to the proper removal areas.

House boy
Finally, a house boy service that clean your home the way you want it to be cleaned…consistently, dependable and inexpensively. That’s a refreshing change!

House boy is the one maid service that simplifies life by taking care of everything. We take our knowledge along with the latest in maid services skill & expertise to take expert care of your entire home!
Housemaids are Green Clean Expert because green maid service is better for your health, better for our maid & better for our atmosphere. We are the first and last cleaning service to implement a guarantee package for house cleaning so you know you are getting a cleaning service that is safe and still truthfully clean.